Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Returning members , please go to LOGIN and follow instructions. New members , please register .

Refer to the  calendar or schedule  pages for General Session times and regularly scheduled meetings, or the Contacts page for email addresses.

Companies  and  August Group members  can share job postings in their companies by emailing them to { jobs [at] augustgroup [dot] org } . Please be sure to include contact information so we can network effectively. 

Volunteers are needed for posting jobs on the Job Board and Hot Jobs.  Be one of the first individuals to learn about potential jobs and help serve others by volunteering for posting jobs on the Job Board.  Without volunteers, August Group members will miss out on great job opportunities.  Remember, like the Abbott and Costello skit of Who’s on First, if Somebody thinks that Everybody is posting jobs but Nobody is, then nobody will get these great opportunities and they will pass everybody by.  To volunteer, send your contact information to { jobs [at] augustgroup [dot] org } with the subject line: "Volunteering for job postings". 

Social Media: Are you or have you been a general session attendee on a regular basis?  Learn more about becoming a member of our LinkedIn group .
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The August Group is expanding our web presence. Visit us on LinkedIn, Twitter and our Facebook Fan page and Group page!
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Many thanks to our benefactors, who have generously supported The August Group website and operations. Many of our benefactors are August Group members who have moved into exciting new positions, and see the continued benefits of networking.

But we need additional contributions to reach our fundraising goal of $10,000. If you would like to become a benefactor, make your checks payable to August Group Advisors and send them to John Bayley. Watch the fundraising level grow and the additional functions being added to the website to benefit our members and the community.  

Platinum Level: $500+ Gold Level: $250+
Tracey Aiello:
Angelo Planning Group, Partner
John Bayley:
Vistage International
Dick Fox:
Dave Parsons:
Emerson Diversified Electronics
Ron Sereika:
Diane Mays:
Magnus Precision Manufacturing, Inc
Susan Valenti:
Tompkins Financial
Jeff Jackelen:
Harris RF

Silver Level: $100+

Bronze Level: $50+
Dave Ellis: 
Huntzinger Management Group, Inc.
Mike Perrotta
Greg Taylor: 

Excelsior Search Partners
Paul Williams
Jim Culler
Randy Olson: 

Geospatial Systems

Ben Guerrera:
Dave Eisenberg
Calin Jucan

Sharon Bedard:
Qualicoat Inc
Bob Fishback:
Neil Palmer
Adina Goltsman:
Sentry Group
Elisha Kasinskas
Tom Traub
Linda Weissegger
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To view job postings, you must be logged in as a registered member of the August Group. 

If you aren't a member yet, please register and attend an orientation session. It's free!
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