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  • Should you register here before ever having attended an Orientation or General Session, your account may be deletedOnly upon signing up IN PERSON at an Orientation or General Session in Rochester, New York, USA (see the calendar or schedule for times and places), will your registration then be activated. Your account will not be active immediately and may take up to 2 weeks since we need time to match up your online and in-person registrations and activate your account.
  • Your user name must be in the format <FirstName><LastName> with no spaces (e.g. JohnSmith). No nicknames please—we need real names, otherwise your registration will not be approved.
  • All the following fields must be filled in:
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          2) First Name         4) Email Address           6) Confirm Password

  • A confirmation email is sent upon website registration; please read the email.   If the email bounces, your account will be deleted.
  • By registering, you agree to the terms of service for this site.

If in doubt, contact the webmaster.

(Updated 11/08/2014 JC)

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